February 10th, 2022

A collaboration between Sādu, Stacie Ant, Bond Truluv, SeaTrees, The Haiti Tree Project, and Re-Climate has resulted in one of the first eco-conscious NFT collections that automatically allocates funding to each participating partner on purchase. The goal of the campaign is to bring more awareness to the emotional dichotomy between self-preservation, technological advancement and an innate longing to preserve the natural ecosystem.

The sale of every NFT will guarantee that a portion of the funding is automatically allocated to one of Sādu’s participating Sustainability Partners, the digital artists, and Sādu. Sādu will use the funding to continue the development of its play to earn mobile app for nature-based carbon credits. The funding will further the company’s goal of uniting personal well-being with the health of the planet by incorporating digital assets with a positive environmental impact into rewards for app users.

The artists selected for the project Stacie Ant, Bond Truluv bring their unique interpretation to the collection.

Stacie describes her approach.

I am creating a unique collection of 3D environments inspired by versions of futuristic Utopias. Each piece juxtaposes elements of the organic and mechanic — portrayal of a progressive future via technological advancement.

While Bond Truluv states,

For this unique collection I chose truly magical places to host my surreal digital arrangements, thus creating a symbiotic dichotomy of nature and technology.

The NFT drop will be held on the Sovereign Nature Initiative marketplace and hosted by the Unique Network Polkadot-Kusama parachain, resulting in a novel eco-conscious web3 collaboration. The art work will be auctioned at a starting price in March.

Watch this recording of our last info session to learn more about each of the partners.

Follow Sādu’s Discord for new information on the drop, including dates, sneak peaks and sweet treats issued to those who start their collections of NFTs.




Co-founder & CEO Sādu. Invest in your health, save trees. #SaduApp #NFTrees. Previously #ClimateTech VC & corporate innovation. @nyucga alum.

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Brittany Salas

Brittany Salas

Co-founder & CEO Sādu. Invest in your health, save trees. #SaduApp #NFTrees. Previously #ClimateTech VC & corporate innovation. @nyucga alum.

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