Start a Sādu Crew Challenge to Engage Your Employees in Sustainability

Download the app via the App Store and Google Play links on our website.

Watch our video: Sādu — How to start earning trees 🌱🤸 to get set up & earning trees in no time!

Absolutely! Strava, Fitbit and Apple Health are available to sync fitness activities.

To sync your fitness tracker or smart watch, navigate to the Progress screen and select one of the logos. The first time you will need to approve access to Sādu app. Once approved, your last 30 days of activities will be synced each time you open the app.

We recommend to sync your main fitness tracker by default and you can always return to the Sync Activities screen to trigger a once-off sync for any other logo at any time. Don’t forget to set your main fitness tracker back to the default 😉.

Are you syncing activities with Strava? If so, make sure to enter your weight in the your Strava profile (in the Strava app). Strava needs your weight to calculate the calories burned so then it should appear in Sādu.

Nope. You can also enter activity manually. Navigate to the Progress tab, select Enter Activity and add your workout info.

There are daily limits on entering activities manually and we monitor this for inappropriate use but we are pretty generous with the limits seeing as its all going towards a good cause

Email log in is not required to enter the app. Individuals can choose to remain anonymous.

Individual activity data is not displayed publicly in the app — the Progress tab is for your eyes only.

Choose whether you want to “Make Progress Public” in the User Profile section by disabling the toggle to appear anonymously in the app.

You can only be a member of one crew at a time. There is no restrictions on when you can join or leave a crew. You can choose to join another Crew by entering the code. If you are not the Captain you can also leave your Crew to create your own.




Co-founder & CEO Sādu. Invest in your health, save trees. #SaduApp #NFTrees. Previously #ClimateTech VC & corporate innovation. @nyucga alum.

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Brittany Salas

Brittany Salas

Co-founder & CEO Sādu. Invest in your health, save trees. #SaduApp #NFTrees. Previously #ClimateTech VC & corporate innovation. @nyucga alum.

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