Sādu Beta Release

Brittany Salas
4 min readOct 19, 2022

Play to earn natural capital.

Demand for carbon sequestration will increase exponentially as climate change takes place. However, the market has yet to develop sufficient financial infrastructure for small scale ecosystem restoration and conservation projects. This, in turn, makes it less lucrative for land owners to preserve natural habitats. More on that here.

Sādu Beta gives way to a new source of funding for ecosystem restoration and conservation. The newest app uses a combination of fitness gamification and token economics to make investment into nature based carbon removal fun and accessible.

Use the app to mint digital assets backed by nature. Subscribe, or play a sport to earn trees monthly. Every tree earned guarantees funding to an ecosystem restoration project. As a reward for committing to a sustainable lifestyle app users receive a collection of digital assets that verify a thriving ecosystem.

What changed?

There are three ways to earn trees that contribute to a healthy ecosystem.

  • Automatically upload activities from your fitness app. We do not share or sell this data in any way. Everyone except Crew captains can even remain anonymous if they choose.
  • Enter activities into the app.
  • Subscribe to a Boost. Earn 10 trees per month no matter what. Your activities result in extra trees. No need to be on a Crew, but the option to join one is always there.

There are three ways to participate in a Crew challenge.

  • Start a Crew for free. These have a max of five members and at least two of them have to be new to the app. We do this because we make a contribution to one of our Ecosystem Partners for every tree earned. This means Sādu pays for the trees earned on Free Crews.
  • Join a Crew. Free Crews are open to all. Crews that are paid for by organizations require an access code.
  • Create private Crew. The paid option with no restrictions. Perfect for those looking to engage their community while addressing sustainability.

There is only one way to collect digital assets backed by living trees.

  • Earn trees! Import the asset to Metamask. Use it as a profile picture, trade it on OpenSea, take it with you across the decentralized web.
  • Minting takes place on Polygon, so be sure to connect to their network to claim your asset.

What makes our digital assets different?

When we say our assets verify the work of the platform’s Ecosystem Partners, we mean every single collectible is backed by a living tree and contains the data to verify its existence. The tree can be viewed on a web map by searching the link in the description. The link also contains information on who planted the tree, when the photo was taken, the species, and its geo coordinates.

In addition to the web map link the coordinates and other descriptors can also be found in a readable file that is linked to the asset. Most importantly, the assets allocate royalties to the Ecosystem Partner who provides the verification data. In other words, if the asset is sold 10% of the sales price is allocated back to the people who keep the tree alive. For questions about the climate impact of issuing on-chain assets, check out Polygon’s pledge to become carbon negative.

Lastly, the asset is not just defined by the fact that it’s backed by nature, nor the fact that it ensures funding for ecosystem restoration every time its traded, it is completed by the artistic vision of Stacie Ant. Check out more of her work with co-founder Aaron Cunningham here.

Sādu app nature backed asset.

Despite its popularity the carbon market is opaque to all but climate and finance professionals. Our goal is to unlock new sources of funding for nature base carbon removal by making an app that demystifies participation in the market, while being fun and accessible. We look forward to onboarding new projects, launching new Crew challenges and refining the verification data that’s packed into our assets.

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Brittany Salas

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