Sādu New Features— Get Ready for Play to Earn NFTrees.

We are making changes to the way trees are earned to provide more informative data on how nature based solutions are supported.

Those familiar with the app know that only the trees earned on a Crew are counted towards our Sustainability Partners. In order to grow our community Sādu re-invests its revenue into the app to cover the cost of the trees earned for 10 member Crews. With this model we were able to start generating revenue while encouraging our community to invite new members to the app.

Our next update will require all Crews to have at least three new members within 24 hours of the start date the local time zone. Crews with one member at the time of the update will be allowed to continue until the end of their 30-day challenge. To make it easier to add members to a Crew, we are eliminating the Crew code for non-paid challenges.

Only the trees earned while on a Crew will be reflected in your personal tree count on the Progress tab.
This creates a more accurate representation of the allocation to our Sustainability Partners. Since we love you, anyone who joins before the update will maintain their current tree count.

Those who prefer to earn trees on their own will have the opportunity to earn trees with a personal boost. Boost’s allow anyone to earn a guaranteed number of trees per month, plus the trees earned by logging activities. This feature is best for those who prioritize reducing their environmental impact. Reach out the core team on Discord to gain early access to this feature.

Moving into 2022 new gamification elements will be incorporated into the app. Tree counts will determine eligibility to receive our first ever collection of digital assets with a positive environmental impact (NFTrees IKYK). Those who are awarded one of these collectables will hold a digital representation of living trees, expressed in augmented reality. The collection will represent living trees that are being maintained by Sādu Sustainability Partners. App users with the highest tree count will be the first to receive these assets and participate in a revolutionary new economy that links economic growth with environmental restoration.



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Brittany Salas

Co-founder & CEO Sādu. Play to earn digital assets backed by nature. #SaduApp #NFTrees. Previously #ClimateTech VC & energy.