Sādu Roadmap: NFTrees are here!

Brittany Salas
4 min readJun 17, 2022

A roadmap for the adoption of NFTs that keep trees alive.

One year after the launch of the Sādu mobile app the company released its first collection of NFTs that keep trees alive. Every piece funds ecosystem conservation and contains the unique geo coordinates of a living tree. The collection is part of the company’s larger roadmap to develop its play to earn mobile app.

This limited collection is a proof of concept bridging physical trees to digital artwork and capital raise for an all female founding team. By searching the token trait or “Properties” in the tokens metadata, anyone can verify the trees existence. With the use of the Greenstand Treetracker it is also possible to see information on where the tree was planted, what species it is, who planted it and when it was last verified. Funding from the sale of every NFT will be allocated to the artist (25%), ecosystem partners (25%), and Sādu (50%).

The Summer Collection contains 250 of 1000 pieces created by Stacie Ant using generative design(AI). Unmatched in her style, Stacie brings awareness to the emotional dichotomy between self-preservation, technological advancement, and an innate longing to preserve the natural world.

Ecosystem partners, include SeaTrees, The Haiti Tree Project, and Re-Climate🇺🇦. Additionally, ecosystem partners receive royalties on secondary sales to maintain kelp forests, restore terrestrial forests, and teach regenerative agroforestry.

Sādu will use the proceeds to develop the mobile DApp and P2E tokens according to the following priorities:

  • Develop the open sourced utility token; with emphasis on the standardization of metadata parameters necessary to improve transparency and traceability of eco-conscious NFTs.
  • Create a smooth user experience and secondary market gamification for tokens earned on Sādu mobile app.
  • Onboard new ecosystem partners and nature based carbon removal projects to the app.
  • Contribute to research on nature-based carbon removal in comparison to emissions output of the blockchain networks.
  • Community growth.

Thousands are already using Sādu app to reduce their environmental impact and earn trees for their favorite ecosystem project on Android and iOS. Every tree earned in the app represents a financial contribution to a project and decreases the amount of time it takes to be rewarded an eco-friendly NFT, such as those in the Summer Collection.

Those at the top of the Sādu app leaderboard receive play to earn benefits and will be rewarded with an NFT from Sādu’s genesis collection. Additionally, Boost subscribers and Crew captains will receive an NFT as a reward for being one of the first to use Sādu to invest in themselves and save trees.

Start a 30 day Crew challenge to earn as many trees as possible and build your collection of eco-conscious NFTs. If you prefer to earn trees on your own time, sign up for a Boost. A Boost guarantees 10 trees (no workouts required) plus trees earned by logging activities for 20.00 USD / month.

The NFTs are currently available on OpenSea. Click here to see them.

To verify the trees look up the geo coordinates in the tokens traits using the Greenstand web map: https://wallet.treetracker.org/?wallet=Sadu&bounds

The geo coordinates are located next to the Property “Ecosystem Partner” and in the smart contract metadata.

For example: Summer Humanoid #77 contains a link to the metadata stored on IPFS. At the bottom of this page you will find the trees Lat Long coordinates next to the project name.

For the latest updates on the next release follow us on Discord. (bit.ly/sadudiscord)



Brittany Salas

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