What is Sādu?

Brittany Salas
2 min readJun 25, 2021



When it comes to maintaining a healthy eco-system everyone has a role to play. Often times climate change can feel like such a big problem that individuals and organizations struggle to see how they can make an impact. Sādu solves this problem by engaging both individuals and companies in creating a sustainable future.

  • An app that makes it easy to live an eco-conscious lifestyle.
  • An app rewards workouts and outdoor activities with trees planted or saved.
  • A software platform that creates community within companies, studios, and fitness groups by enabling healthy competition and fostering a sense of personal well-being.
  • A new way ensure capital is efficiently allocated to the funding of carbon capture projects, specifically, nature-based solutions to climate change.
  • An opportunity to fundamentally re-create the connection between personal well-being and the health of the ecosystem.
  • A tool to invest in and create a sustainable future.

How does the Sādu app work?

First, download the app, then connect a smart watch, fitness tracker on the “Progress” tab. If the app is open and running in the background, Sādu will automatically upload activities that are recorded on Apple Health, FitBit or Strava. To double check activities have been synced pull down on the activity list under the progress tab, or re-sync the preferred integration.

If you do not have a fitness tracker or do not use Apple Health you can earn trees by entering workouts into the app manually.

To join a Crew sponsored by a company go to the community screen and select the relevant Crew name from the leaderboard. Once selected, a list of participating Crew members will appear. Anyone who chooses to make their results public will appear by username in the app. Those who chose not to share their results will appear by the name “Crew Member.”

Sādu contributes to the projects listed in the app in relation to the number of calories burned by Crew members. For those who are not part of a Crew it is still possible to connect your smart watch or fitness tracker and earn trees in the app with the Boost subscription.

To start a Boost go to the Community Tab, hit Create Crew, then choose One Member Boost.



Brittany Salas

Founder, NyxCarbon. Lending Platform for Project Developers in Carbon Removal. Previously #ClimatePolicy then VC.